Quality Homes

Quality Homes serves Kansas and Nebraska for over 25 years.

You may choose your own floor plan or you can use one of the many floor plans that Quality Homes has on file. They are a true custom builder. The company's goal is to design the home that fits customer's needs and wants.

Each manufactured home comes with a one year limited warranty against defective construction material and workmanship in addition with Manufacturers warranties on products that they use in modular homes. Quality Homes builds to the same building codes as conventional site built homes. Also along with mandatory internal quality control checks throughout the protected-environment building process, the homes are inspected by state inspectors to insure building code compliance.

The prefab homes are built in a factory which reliable protects the home from the natural harmful effects of rain and snow. This controlled and protected building process also helps maximum reduce delays allowing your new home to be completed much sooner then a traditional site built home.

Addresses and phones
Address 61212 702nd Rd, Summerfield, KS 66541
Fax 402-248-6212
Toll Free 800-848-1410
Website www.qualityhomesinc.com
Email qualhome@bluevalley.net